EVERYDAY: Ninang Irma’s 59th Birthday at Microtel

Every year, We celebrate her birthday at Lunchtime. She then decided this year to gather all of our relatives in my fater’s side to join her on her 59th birthday. 


And just a series of photos okay? Because there is too much of it. 


There was a lot of singing from the crowd. Image

We also had  agame. The game facilitator will place 10 safety pins on all parts of the guys. The girls – girlfriends / wives blindfolded will now have to look for the 10 pins. Now this is my sister and her fiance. And he had a safety pin on top of his crotch. Imagine trying to touch your way out of the game knowing your mom is also watching. Haha. Image

My cousins who I only get to see once a year. ImageImage

Ninang Irma and her bouquet and her gift.Image

Tres Marias in my family. 


The Dela Cruz Clan.


My mom and Dad goofing around. 


My family with the Birthday Celebrant. 

Ninang, I hope you like your coffee maker. 😀 Happy Birthday! 


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