EVERYDAY: Christmas with my Love

It’s two days before Christmas.(((:

I’m off to see my handsome date for our eventually, annual Christmas Dinner.

There are several places that we actually wanted to celebrate. First factor was we wanted it to be in a hotel for silence and solemnity and to be in a different environment. But then the buffets are expensive and the traffic is terrible.
We picked Guevarra’s because of the beauty of the place.((: It was noisy and had a lot of people but it worked.

Meet my Handsome and already-hungry date.


During the course of our dinner. We inly had two plates though.

And proceeded to dessert! There should always be room for dessert.

And we’re celebrating with our little champagne.

Wishlist crossed out!((: Cotton on Shoes, Cotton on Polo Shirt, Maldita Polo Shirt, Hugo Boss Polo Shirt, MAC USB cable, Badminton Shirt and Iphone Case. Yay!


Thank you for all my presents babe!

You will always be my most precious gift. Please spend every Christmas with me.

Yay! Cotton on Dress, La Senza undergarments, Black Swimsuit, Cropped top.((:

Best quick gift without fail? Chocolates!((: and perfume from my second dad.

Merry, Merry Christmas Babe! Christmas is more meaningful now that I have you. I love you.
P.S. Please extend my thank yous to papa and mama.(:

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