EVERYDAY: Buscom Finals; The Ateneo Core Values

I certainly was stressed for this finals. Out of the 5, only Mai and I were doing our part for the finals. Whatever, what’s done is done. 

Good news is? Our group was topnotch! Good Job! Yay me! 


What about: The class was divided into 6 from the start. Each group is supposed to encapsulate a specific Ateneo Core Value that was assigned to them by creating a Video Presentation. What are the Ateneo Core Values? – Pursuit of excellence, Integrity, Being Responsible, Being Honest and two more. What was ours? Pursuit of Excellence. 

How did we go about it? I suggested that we capture how they started, the process they had to go through to achieve that success and the experience of being on top. We interviewed several people from different walks of life, had our insights as well and with the help of Mikko, our editor, we were able to snatch first place. Yahoo!  


My Groupmates minus Anna. – Ryla, Pat, Myself and Mai.

And, was I able to tell you – We’re exempted for the Finals! Yay! 


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