EAT KAPITOLYO: Milky and Sunny. Breakfast for Dinner


My First Favorite Restaurant in our Little Love at Kapitolyo. My Milky and Sunny. Yes, I’m claiming it. This little hole in the wall sunshine of a restaurant.


Isn’t it homey and bright and a feel-good place? Have you noticed they changed their walls? They used to hang paintings of little kids – I guess and little doodles on their wall. Now they hang of what they have in the menu. – though pictures tell a lot more than a bunch of description from the menu – I certainly liked the paintings even better – the paintings made the place look simple and homey than a bunch of pictures.

We were presented a whole new list of their menu. They added I think four or five new dish to the menu.


Of the New items, Jude picked the Oreo Banana French Toast (Php 180) – It had two bread, a well smashed banana in between, corn flakes on top which gives it the crunchy feeling, Chocolate syrup and some vanilla ice cream on top. What’s not good about it? Nothing. It was absolutely Yummy.


As you all know, No one can go wrong with Bacon. And I didn’t eat lunch so I was starving. Bacon will always be the best breakfast ever – not an opinion. It’s a fact. I ordered their Bacon Rice Meal (Php 130) – Bacon had generous serving toasted just the way I liked it. It wasn’t greasy, it didn’t taste charcoal either. You get to choose between a plain and garlic Rice. And might I say, their Garlic Rice is the best.


I will definitely go back again.

and again. and again.

You can also see:


Milky & Sunny

9 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig

(632) 654-2049

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