EAT KAPITOLYO: Epic Coffee Roastery

Epic Coffee is in my list too, of course. 


The place looks so warm and cozy and it has a ‘bahay-bakasyunan” feel to it.


Chalk Board Menus are everywhere, on the counter and on their walls. 



They also have home made icecreams. I want to go back and try! 


My love ordered Caramel Macchiato (Php 100) – I think the coffee was good since he finished it in an instant. 


While I ordered Epic Frappe (Php 145) – There was nothing Epic about it. It was okay. I actually wanted to try their Cookies and Cream Frappe but since this was named Epic Frappe, I assumed it was their specialty. There was nothing extravagant about it. I wasn’t able to finish it either. 


Good Part? They provided books and I happen to like the book that I’m reading that we managed to stay til their closing time. 

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