EAT MAKATI: Pino Resto Bar

Yes to crossing out restaurants on my list!(((:
Love fetched me and we went straight to Jupiter.

Pino Resto Bar and Pipino Vegetarian Resto plus Burger Project is all owned by the same owner.😁 wow right?

They have doodles and abstract playful paintings on their walls.

The place looks cozy enough with a mixture if black, white and wood and brick finish with yellow lights.

They also have a small area for the vegetarian part. 😁

Eat your Veggies – Pipino.
Kids, you read that right?((:

Now, we’re ready to eat.

For our appetizer, Buffalo Chicken Wings Php 165 I can’t say I loved it. The coating tasted like buffalo but it was overpowered with what I guessed to be vinegar. It was crispy though. Jude loved it

Bagnet Binagoongan
It was okay. Bagnet was perfect. Bagoong was perfect. But together, I think it lacked something. They serve plain rice with it which I think is not appealing. It lacked color and taste when put together.

Jude ordered one of their Best sellers Kare-kareng Bagnet
It was delicious – from his own musings. I’m really not a fan of Kare-kare so my opinion doesn’t really count.
Though, almost all of the tables had this dish on their table.

We also ordered their Signature Flavored Beers – Apple and Lychee Php 95

Thank you, Pino for filling in our hunger and curiosity and for your friendly staff too.

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