EVERYDAY: Interview with my College Prof

For my finals, we were tasked to do a video about Ateneo’s Core Values. Specifically, Pursuit of Excellence was given to us.
My group mates and I decided to interview people from different industries. So I had the advantage of doing an interview for a foundation.

I was lucky enough that in college, our mentor for Entrepreneurship Is one of the best.
Dr. Eduardo Morato Is one of the people who spearheaded Entrepreneurship In the Philippines. He used to be the Dean of Entrepreneurship at Asian Institute of Management. He also teaches in Ateneo. And our batch is lucky enough to have him as our mentor for our businesses.
Unfortunately, he came from the hospital so I had Philip Felipe the managing director of ABS CBN Bayan Foundation instead.
He is also one of a guy. He finished Economics at UP Diliman, a masteral at Economics at UPD also and a masteral at Socio Anthropology at Australia as a scholar. He also worked as a legal assistant of Senator Recto.
It was really nice talking to my Prof again.(:
See you soon Sir! Christmas Dinner with Prof Morato.(:
Thank you for your time.

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