EAT Alabang: Chicken and Beer

From Alabang, we have to head out to SM North. And before doing so, I decided to introduce my classmates to Chicken and Beer

It’s my second time to eat at Chicken and Beer. And this branch definitely doesn’t look like a drinking place compared to the one at Burgos Circle.

The place looks chic. They have wooden tables and chairs and a big couch under a huge Bookshelf.

Time for orders! They have a variety of chicken flavors to choose from.

Teri-q Chicken Php 170 I think it’s their version of Bonchon. You also have a choice of Rice: Plain, Garlic and Vegetable Rice.
I had their Vegetable Rice. You only have to add an Php 10. It also comes with a bottomless iced tea. It tastes like green apple though- which I liked.
It was Gooood. They had a huge serving of rice and I finished it. 😊

I’ll probably order the same thing next time. Meet two of my team mates, Mai and Anna.
Visit Chicken and Beer at Molito, Alabang.

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