EAT Makati: Burger Project

We have tons to do for finals. and we have exactly two weeks to do it. But first. Planning! And Ryla’s Boyfriend drove us to Jupiter for some dinner and planning. 


The Burger Project Menu.

1. Write your Name

2. Choose if you’re going to Dine-in or Take out

3. Choose your Meat – Angus, Chicken, Chori

4. Choose your Bun – 

5. Choose your Cheese

6. Choose your premium toppings

7. Choose your Basic Toppings.

8. Choose your Sauce.

9. Choose your Drink on the right side and lastly, 



Bring your order form to the counter and Pay.


The place looked small. Though the mirror made it looked so much bigger. 


My Burger consists of a Big chunk of Angus Beef, Mozarella Cheese, Bacon and some BBQ Sauce. – It was practyicall good considered all those are naturally perfect combination though the BBQ Sauce tasted too much it slices your tongue. :/ 


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