When I was First Year College, My blockmates and I would always go to Glorietta just to past time. One day, I saw this cute black notebook with black pages and I suddenly thought of something. Why not use it as a planner or diary? Thus, the start of my yearly planner slash diary.
I’ve been keeping one ever since. The perks?
1. My ‘to do’ lists
– I have tens, twenties of them in a day and the lists keeps growing everyday. Making a list will help you achieve it one by one.

2. It serves as my Memory Brain
– I have an 90 year old brain. I tend to forget everything. May it be an assignment or an appointment, it serves as my reminder.

3. I am not clueless
– Reminders, thoughts and facts. ‘Nuff said.

4. It helps you become productive.

5. It deepens relationships
– Yup, I don’t always greet my friends during their birthdays. I have to write them down in my planner.

6. It can be a source of gift
– Got a boyfriend? You can create your own scrapbook of all the things you’ve written about your partner or how you two spent a certain day.

7. It is a source of inspiration
– You can try to look back and see how far you’ve come.

8. It can be a piece of advice
– Read all your mistakes from the past and learn from them. You can also jot down quotes, sayings and famous lines from a movie or song that you think can inspire you.

9. It lets you express your feelings.
– May it be to rant about your sister, a feeling of rage for your boss, an infatuation about your office mate or anything in the world. Write it down.

10. It helps you be creative.
– Use colored pens, draw if not write. Compose a song to tell your day or draw what happened, doodle.

Start writing now!

THOUGHTS: The Benefits of keeping a Planner

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