EVERYDAY: Buscom Midterms

So what was for Midterms? Impromptu Speech.
Question? If it was your judgement day and you are facing god, give him 3 reasons why you should enter his kingdom.

So who could be happier? I am! I want 100. But very, very happy with what I got. 98.
1. Has earned her audience’s rapport
2. Loud, clear, resonant voice
3. Pleasing stage presence
4. Expressive, pleasant face
5. Free, natural, open, involvong body language
6. Insightful, interesting language
7. Well paced talk
8. Substantial and convincing
9. Clear distinct intro-body-conclusion

Areas for improvement: eye contact

Meet the girls of our class.

And the very few boys.

P.S. Pray for my grade okay?

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