EAT BF: Tito Chef

Yup! It’s on my list too! And I asked my Mom if she can treat us. And she obliged happily.

Tito Chef has about 4 parkings butthey do have another lot just for parking.

The place was well lit, chairs were modern white and they do have a second floor. Upon entering the place, you will notice a small room to your left where they sell their products like kitchen utensils and baking materials.

There, you will also find a display of their cakes. Ooohh.

Menu. Time to order!(((:

My order: Barbecued Chicken Jambalaya Php 265 – Chicken was regular sized, normal roasted taste and well, I liked the rice. It was rich in flavor.

I think this is new. I forgot how much this is. Chicken Teriyaki – rice was topped with crispy seaweeds.

Surf and Turf Php 455 – steak topped with shrimp.

Pesto Prawn Spaghetti Php 285 Pasta was plain. There was no other condiments other than the two shrimps.
And now for desserts?

Nutella Sansrival Php 150 – It was good though it’s not whoaahh. Nutella was not really distinguished from the dish.

Bannoffee Pie Php 130 – It was okay. The banana cuts were so big. You’re not going to enjoy it. The cream on top was not that sweet and breading on the first layer was so thin.:/


Verdict: nothing really special for the price of their food. It was okay but not outstanding.

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