EAT Pasay: Movie Stars Cafe

There are two goals for today. First, spend the day with my tootskeedoodles and best buddy in cave no. 4. Second, cross out one of the restaurants on my list. So. Where to?



Okay, I have to say. Just so you won’t waste your time: Don’t go during the day.
At the opposite end of the place, there’s a stage where I suppose all the activities happen. They have couches and woods.

On the other side is where this dinosaur stands where the buffet is served and where the food is being cooked.

Giant movie characters also surround the place like this one. My love with Ironman. They also have Ranger, Batman and Spiderman.

Quadruplets! While waiting for the other two.

My awesome drink. Sour Mix Php 175

Tequila Sunrise Php 175 It doesn’t even taste like alcohol.(((: it only tastes orangey.

Hollywood Boulevard Php 420 It’s composed of chili poppers, shrimp popcorn, onion rings and calamari served with three dips.

Vertigo Php 550 Sirloin with mushroom tossed in ginger soy sauce on top of the rice

Star Wars Php 550 Wok fried glazed chicken with sou garlic sauce topped with toasted sesame seeds.

My love, myself, paul, pleia, bianca and aceeh. Threesome twosome.((:

The Verdict? It’s too expensive for their serving. There’s nothing extraordinary about it.

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