So I came across what Bill Clinton said: 

All of America loses when any person is denied or forced out of a job because of sexual orientation.Being gay, the last time I thought about it, seemed to have nothing to do with reading a book, fix a broken bone or change a plug.

A person’s sexual preference has nothing to do with one’s attitudes, values, skills and abilities. Why deny them the mere happiness of being with someone just because they have the same sex? I don’t really see anything wrong with that. 

I studied in an All Girl’s School and have so much experience in this area. I have a lot of friends who are lesbians or bisexuals – and some of them really has the biggest heart and the fattest brains. 



I was really a fan of these two back in Highschool. They were the ”cool” ones but were not afraid to be all cute together. 


I practically spent most of my breaks with them in College and they were the happiest – go lucky persons you can always drag to anywhere. 


One of my closest friends in HS. The partner of my bestfriend. 


Everyone was pretty much bisexual in their teen years. and these are just some of them. And I wouldn’t exchange my LGBT Friends since HS. 🙂 But for you to relate more, a list of some of the famous Gay people: 

1. Drew Barrymore


And she says, she’s had numerous affairs with women and will continue to do so. “Do I like women sexually? Yes, I do. Totally,” Jane Pratt, the former editor of Jane magazine says she and Drew Barrymore had sex.

I think a woman and a woman coming together are beautiful just as a man and a woman together are beautiful. – well said, Drew. 

2. Ellen Degeneres and 3. Portia de Rossi


Need I say more? Ellen and Portia got married last 2008. 

4. Nelly Furtado


Asked if she is ever attracted to women, the “Promiscuous” singer replied: “Absolutely. Women are beautiful and sexy.

5. Laurel Holloman


I just feel like when you fall in love you can’t help who you fall in love with. You love who you love; it just is what it is.

– This is exactly how I think. You never choose who you fall in love with. It’s not like, Oh He’s a guy, I should fall in love with him. It’s not. You fall for a person, no matter what gender he/she is because of who she/he is. 



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