THOUGHTS: 4 Things you”ll hate in Marketing and Sales.



  1. Knocking

When you’re just beginning to build your portfolio, you’ll have to do it in baby steps. You’ve got to knock on doors, sell your company, its products and services and convince them that you’re credible. And don’t you just hate the added stares that you get once you open a door?

  1. Heat and Heels

Don’t get me wrong. Heels are a woman’s best friend. It gives you instant height, butt lift, posture and most importantly, confidence. But if you have to go knock on all doors and hop from one building to the next, the heat riles up your irritation. It makes you sweat and melts all the make-up on your face.

  1. Pretending to smile.

Even if you hate the person in front of you or if you’re just having a bad hair day or you just broke it off with your boyfriend, you have to smile. Even if the person makes you do things beyond your Job Description, you have to smile. Even if your client is demanding.

  1. Rejection

I’m the type who easily gets discouraged. I have a soft heart and I don’t really have a well full of self worth and confidence. When a client turns me down, I carry it with me for days and months and stomps the little confidence that I have.

Oh Marketing, I have to love you. I have to learn to love you. I have to. 

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