EAT Mandaluyong: Project Pie

My date suggested that we eat here. This is opposite the S&R construction and beside Starbucks.
Good thing that we were a bit early than everybody else.

Jude and I love the lights hanging from the ceiling!😁 and you noticed the wall? It’ll be good to look at it when you’re down. As it is filled with quotes from famous ones.

Wood, red and white chairs. You have to go to the counter to pick your order.

How to order:
They do have pre-designed pizzas.Php 240
But you can also make your own. Project Pie Php 285
First: choose your sauce (red or white)
Next: choose your meat. They have pepperoni, chicken, meatballs, bacon, ham and a lot more. You can also add cheese like parmesan and mozarella.
Next: choose your veggies. Red and green bell pepper, different kinds of mushrooms, garlic and a lot more.
Note: you can add everything, they say. As long as you can eat it.(:

Next: drink. They have bottomless sodas and iced tea for Php 65. If you’re not a tea drinker, i suggest you don’t order the iced tea. Tastes like plant.

Project Pie’s Customized Plate.

Our very own combi: white sauce, grilled chicken, meatballs, bacon, parmesan and lots of mozarella.(((:

Seen our yummy yummy creation.

Project Pie’s Pre-designed Pizzas Banana Nutella
It was yummy!(((: banana was not dry with a drizzle of cinnamon.

Thank you for bringing me here, love! We’ll be back for another creation. ((:

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