Everyone loves sale! Filipinos as well. We are able to buy goods less than its worth so you are able to maximize your funds!😊
We were there around 8 in the morning! The parking was already full. Cars that were about to enter ate in full line. We were about the 20th car to go in and it was full. The line to enter the doors were a puzzle.
Once we entered, they had to look at the membership cards so that they will only give carts 1 per card. Whew! And you know how wide the isles are right? One cart couldn’t even fit. Gaah!

The line to the cashier. It extended way to the back if the store.

We finished around 1pm. And yep, my mom had to pat for that amount. But hey, we were able to buy A LOT. Including some of the gift list.(: and then we were starving already so we head out to solaire foodcourt.

My lunch! Php 230 – Chicken Curry. It was good though im not a fan of spicy food.

And my mom’s shrimp in curry too.(: they had three pieces served. Php 230

Noodles for my dad! It was deli-cious. All of them!

Though my mom and I were already full, we tried their icecream – Php 50 per scoop. Rum Raisin and Cookies n Cream

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