Friday: Suits

It’s friday and I’m excited to see my date! And I tried to be all girly.

BUT, he stood me up.:/ haha. We’ll see each other next time.
So what’s up? It’s Kuya Dudz’s last day at our branch.:( the quiet but charming lolo at our branch!

We’ll miss you and we’ll visit you at your new branch!
So what exactly happened on friday night?

I watched three episodes of Suits! 😍
1. I am shocked and happy with the Harvey – Donna thing being true.
2. Amazed by how freakin observant donna is.
3. Glad how Mike and Me. Zane bonded
4. Loved all of Donna’s clothes even more
5. Intrigued of what should my ritual be.
6. Blushed that Harvey picked donna to witness what kind of a lawyer he would be.
7. Confused by how much a man can do for his desire for power.

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