EAT BF: Crazy Katsu

So I definitely look fat here.

Waiting for my handsome date!((: and we’ll be heading to BF to try Crazy Katsu.

Crazy Katsu is beside The Burgery located at Aguirre St. They have atleast 9 tables at their first floor.

The waiters were quick to act. It was a little bit hot though. And they pretty much had a simple menu.

My handsome date. 😊 he ordered the Chicken Katsu (Php140) It was a bit spicy. Their secret sauce is under the big chunk of chicken. They also didn’t use Japanese Rice.

And I ordered Tonkatsu (Php145) Chicken? The size was generous. It was thick. Tender? No. Sauce? Typical teriyaki like. Cabbage? Few. Cabbage Sauce? Plain Mayo.

It was okay. I’ll go back to this place. It’s affordable. But with the same price as bonchon, I’d choose bonchon.(: but as I said, it wouldn’t hurt to go back here. It’s still pocket friendly.😊

Crazy Katsu: Aguirre St. BF homes

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