EAT Makati: Peanut Butter & Co

It’s my time to mingle. And since we had less than 10 mins to be able totalk to our New President, we decided to go for breakfast.

We ended up in Peanut butter & company in Paseo Center.
There were only about 6 tables. They had pancakes, sandwiches and waffles with milkshakes. And yes, almost everything had peanut butter. Even their hot chocolate.
I ended up ordering their waffle ala mode.

brownie ala mode (php 175) I wasn’t able to finish this. The waffle bread also has a hint of thick peanut butter infused to it. It had three scoops of vanilla icecream too. It was good, not in an outstanding way but it was okay.
I also ordered their hot chocolate (php110) Without the peanut butter.

So, meet the people who sell themselves for deposit, including myself. Haha.
On top: sweet, kate, janice, vina and grace
Bottom: lyra, ira and myself.
Everyone pretty much ordered the King elvis sandwich (php85) which had bacon and banana inside.
I will go back to try their peanut butter hot chocolate. (:
Peanut Butter and Company: G/F Paseo Center Paseo de Roxas cor Makati Ave, Makati City

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