THOUGHTS: the List.


No other man can pass off super sexy with a scrungy look other than my love, Johnny Deep. A man who doesn’t seem to take a bath for months without even brushing his teeth – I loved him ever since the first Pirates of the Caribbean. He is the only man who can portray all the weirdest roles – Chocolate Factory, Edward’s Scissor Hands, Alice in wonderland – and still look amazingly hot.


I wouldn’t bother getting up in the middle of the night for this eye candy. He has this perfect mix of a good boy image with his genuine smile but the type who can still sweep you off your feet. Doesn’t he? He was known to be the romantic guy in The Notebook but he managed to show us his sleek, cool and hot image in Crazy, Stupid, Love.


Who wouldn’t want this tattoo-ed bad boy look? And an amazing voice to match. Who can sing you to sleep every night, write a song for your wedding? And his dreamy, confident smile.


Yup. This girl made it easier for me to admit that I’m a bisexual. Haha. She got me “Fuck. She’s too hot”. She had the sex appeal of 20 women combined and more. She oozes sex appeal in every pore of her body. I love her eyes. Yes, I’m in love with her.


She possesses a strong jaw line, an incredible smile and a full on sex appeal. I loved that she made a gay movie – DEBS. That fits so perfectly for her. But I also loved her in all the Fast and Furious. She is H-O-T. She made not having too much chest seem hot. Not seem, She really looks like a million bucks. And I loved that she is not overrated.

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