EAT Makati : The Collective; Wingman

This has been on my list for weeks.
After my errand, my better half wanted to watch a movie but the timing wasn’t right. So, we preceded with

They have around 11 tables. And just like most diners, they have a red and black themed interiors. And they have a mini bar too.

So what is their best seller?

Ofcourse it would have to be their wings! It comes with the name!(:

We ordered a basket of fries in shoestring type. You can choose how your fries are to be cooked though.

We ordered a dozen of their wings. You can split the flavors in two. So we chose classic buffalo wings and garlic parmesan.(((:

And blue lemonade.(:

By the time we finished? I was too full. Btw, their lemonades are bottomless.

We’re coming back to try bamm and kubteryos! I love you, b!

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