THOUGHTS: What I recently discovered during my stay in Macau.


And these, I might say the things that we, Filipinos can be proud of. Okay, So I am saying this out of my own perspective and from what I have observed. And this entry is not supposed to generalize each country’s culture – this is only meant to state of what I have observed during my stay there.

  1. Filipinos say ‘Excuse me’

When there are a billion people coming across your path and where there’s too little space to walk, we say excuse me out of respect and courtesy to other people who are also passing through. What I noticed was people there doesn’t care, as if you didn’t exist and bump you without even looking.

  1. Filipinos say ‘Sorry’

And when they actually bump into you, they don’t stop and say sorry or look at you as a person.

  1. Filipinos have happy faces

All the time. Even when we are experiencing tragedy or catastrophe, we smile and try to see every positive aspect there is in the situation. Although what I’m talking about in here are much simpler. We smile to strangers, we smile to the people who are passing by, we smile to the person selling cigarettes, and we smile to the guards and the people at the concierge. Most if not all of the people that we have encountered are not really warm; they talk to you when you ask something. They won’t try to converse with you and try to make you feel a little more comfortable.

  1. Filipinos generally smell good

Either we dropped a whole bottle of perfume on our clothes or we have no smell. Well, I’m not saying Filipinos are perfectly good smelling people. But otherwise, we only smell like sweat when we actually do perspire. But when I was there, I noticed that some race, though they looked pretty clean with their fair skin and straight hairs, god they smell like construction workers who has been working the whole day under the sun. They have a bad odor following them around.

  1. We do serve House Tea

And when I say House Tea, that would mean ‘on the house’, free, not charged to the client. In every Chinese restaurant, there will be house tea of some kind and the really expensive ones are to be charged. There isn’t any House Tea there. Again, I’m not saying every freaking restaurant. But the three Chinese restaurants we’ve visited, there were none.

  1. Filipino owned Chinese Restaurants

Uses wooden chopsticks – which make it easier to grasp the food compared to silky ones where noodles and practically every food slides pass through the chopsticks. Or maybe it’s just that people there are more used to silky chopsticks. Either way, it made my dinner pretty slow.

  1. We have all sorts of cuisines

May it be because we are open for investors and other foreign companies or we were colonized by three countries, we have varieties to choose from. Everywhere you go in the Philippines you will find Filipino, Chinese, American, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Singaporean, Indian Restaurants and a lot more. In Macau, there were only noodles everywhere. Noodles, Noodles and Noodles. Seldom will you find an American dish or any other type.

  1. We have better means of Transportation.

They only either have a bus or a cab. And bus stops are not necessarily on every city and certain bus stops are only passing through certain roads. To get there, you will only have to walk. In the Philippines, we have tricycles for short distances and jeepney and buses for longer distances. Not to mention MRT and taxi where you can hail one everywhere.

  1. Better tasting hotel coffee and free shavers

Hotel wise? We have Wifi everywhere. – they don’t. We have 3 in 1s. they don’t. Shavers are given at the hotel. Theirs don’t.

  1. And for the last argument?

Damn do we speak English! 95% of Filipinos can ride and speak in English. May it be a fish vendor, a janitor, a guard – We can understand English. And we speak well – fluent even. We have better intonations and dictions than anyone. We are even dubbed as Top 3 out of all the countries that are fluent in English.

Although, We should also learn a thing or two from them. Their country is really clean and garbage free. Dog walkers pick up their pet’s wastes on the ground. And as for the similarities? Both are Wifi crazies – social media. The world cannot live without the Internet anymore.

I cannot reiterate this more; the points above are just my observations and not a generalization. But these things also make me feel proud I’m a Filipino.

It’s more fun in the Philippines.

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