EAT Alabang: Uncle Cheffy : Third Month

For our third month, we ate at Uncle Cheffy in Megamall. It’s my love’s first time so I let him pick whatever he wanted to try.

Baby Back Ribs
It has around 4 to 5 ribs. It wasn’t delicious. Yes, it has a lot of sauce, it wasn’t dry. But the sauce itself wasn’t ribs worthy. And there weren’t a lot of meat stuck to the bones either.

Okay. So photo is not clear.
This is calamari.
Calamari was crispy. Squids are small which is good – that’s why it wasn’t chewy. Sauce is blah too. Calamari alone will be good.

This is a year and 3 mos.

Plus a dessert platter – chocolate cheesecake in all varieties.

I love you and every single month we had together. More to come, sweetie.

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