BOOK REVIEW : Taking Chances – Molly Mc Adams

Because I fell in love for two weeks.

First, it is too good to recount High School memories and your first crush. How hidden looks riled goosebumps on your arms, how his eyes meant te stars for you.
Harper was a daughter of a full time marine and was home schooled her entire life and her only friends were tge boys in the marine.
Chase was a stunningly beautiful with tattoos all over his body and a blonde hair to match. He’s a tattoo artist and definitely a heartrob in the school. He’s a surfer too and has a talent in pencil and paper. He’s aware that he can get any girl, ergo, she has different girls wrapped in his arms everyday.
Brandon was an MMA fighter. He’s the opposite of aggressive when it comes to harper compared to the ring when he fights. He’s gentle, caring, sweet an thoughtful. He’s definitely an eye candy with a perfect V stringing down his stomach.
Harper cheated on Brandon with Chase. Even when Brandon waited for her sexually for she is a virgin, she gave it up for Chase who is not her boyfriend. And that one night stand brought Liam to the world. Before even giving birth to Liam, Chase died of a car accident. Brandon stepped up. He raised Liam as his own and soon after, they had their own child too.

I just hate how harper is so indecisive. And he keeps hurting both of them when the two boys are ready to stab their own chest and grab their hearts for her. But god, the boys, the guys, their love for her just melts you away.

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