An aquarian

Born on the 27th day of January, I definitely fit in this category. So I challenge other Zodiac Sign sites if they are right on the personality type.
So let’s see. They say…

Traits of an Aquarius
1. Good communication skills
– Nope. There’s a desire for me to be a good debater, to speak in english fluently like I was born an american, a need to use novel worthy words but no. I highly doubt that I have good communication skils.
2. Sociable
– I don’t actually know what the standards are for you to be considered sociable. Although I do not enjoy staying at home all the time. As much as possible, I want to be out somewhere atleast 20/6. Unfortunately, I do have stric parents which kind of restricts me to go strolling anytime I want. Plus, college issues pretty much damaged by social skills.
3. Tactless
– definitely not true. In all honesty, I am actually sensitive to what I say about and to others. So, wrong again.
4. Desires change
– I’d say, not change in particular but progress. I like progress. I like someone who has dreams and pursues them, something that’ll make even better. But change pertaining to uprooting me from my comfort zone — NOT.

1. Fame
– Let me ask you, Who doesn’t? On the contrary, I do not want to be the center of attention where everyone is looking at you or talking about you. That’s just not me.
2. Privacy
– I do take this seriously. It pisses me off when someone starts snooping in on my things, my room, my workplace and my life. that includes my phone, my doodles and my laptop. I mean, if i’m not telling it to you or showing it to you, leave it alone for christ’s sake.
3. Dreams
– I have a million list of my dreams. I pretty day dream all the day about anything and everything.
4. Magic
– I’d like to see magic, I’d like to experience it and I’d like to have some powers to go with it too. Naah. We all know there ain’t no magic in this world.
5. Change
– Again, No.
6. Surprises
– Ofcourse, I do. It’s the hundreds of little efforts for anything to be a surprise. So yes, I’ll appreciate anything.
7. Living within their means
– I want to be practical. I want to spend the rest of the money after saving. But in reality, I actually spend more than what I earn. And I think, I do not know how to save. Bad thing about it is I do not and cannot see where my money is going anyway. But I’m trying my hardest to save now. I have to.

1. Emotion
– Now, I dont like it. I want to get rid of it. I hate being too invested.
2. Intimacy
– Wrong. I like it. I love it.
3. Show-offs
– I would definitely want to kick their ass off.
4. Taken for granted
– I am now trying to gear away from that. But what can you actually do if you’re too much invested on it now?
5. Violence
– Only on movies that have too much blood and if my ass is on the line.

And, Let’s not get relationships to the test. I’m really not into it. Let’s just stick to our general traits.
So how’re you like?

THOUGHTS: An aquarian

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