BOOK REVIEW : The One Minute Manager – Blanchard and Johnson

Effective Managers manage themselves and the people they work with so that both the organization and the people profit from their presence.

People who feel good about themselves produce good results. – Thus helping people feel good about themselves is the key to getting it more done.

Three keys to being a One Minute Manager

1. One Minute Goal Setting.

– Make it Clear what their responsibilities are and what they are being held accountable for, what needs to be done and it is written in no more than a single paper. The performance standards are clear and what is expected of them.

–“If you can’t tell me what you’d like to be happening, you don’t have a problem yet. You’re just complaining. A problem only exists if there is a difference between what is actually happening and what you desire to be happening.”–

1.1. Agree on your goals.

2.2.See what good behavior looks like

3.3. Write each of your goals on paper.

4.4. Read and re-read each goal

5.5. take a minute each day to check your performance.

2. One Minute Praising.

– Catch your people doing something right and help your people reach their full potential. Look them straight in the eye and tell them precisely what they did right and share how good you feel about what they did.

2.1. Praise people immediately.

2.2 Tell people what they did right – specifically

2.3 Tell people how good you feel about what they did right.

2.4. Stop for a moment to let them feel how good you feel.

2.5. Encourage them to do more of the same.

2.6. Shake hands or touch people to make them know you are sincere.

3. One Minute Reprimand

– Confirm the facts and tell them precisely what they did wrong and share how you feel about it. Let them know how competently you think they are and make them understand the only reason you are angry is that because you have so mucgh respect for them and it is so unlike them.

– Never attack them as a person but of their behavior.

3.1. Reprimand people immediately

3.2 Tell the people what they did wrong – specifically.

3.3 Tell the people how you feel

3.4. Stop for a moment to let them feel how you feel.

3.5. Shake hands or touch them.

3.6. Remind them how much you value the,.

3.7. Reaffirm that you think of them well.

3.8. Realize that when the reprimand is over, it’s over.

Feedback is the breakfast of the Champions.

Goals begin behaviors. Consequences maintain behaviors.

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