EAT: Swensen: Where happiness never melts.

You can consider me a Chocolate Fanatic. May it be a whole bar of Toblerone in the morning or a pack of kisses after eating a chocolate cake – I can still manage to devour it in one sitting. So my sister tried Swensens already and she’s bringing us.


I seriously had the hardest time choosing what I will eat. Gahh. I definitely have to come to try their other combos. Calling on my liebster who should come with me next time!


We opted to buy her the Little Prince – Php 135. It’s a sundae decorated with Oreo Cookies.


My dad and my brother picked the same Icecream Combo – Sticky Chewy Choc Fanatsy – Php 255.


The sticky Chewy Choc Fantasy has two flavored scoops of Icecream you can choose from with Hot fudge and Chocolate Chips.


My mom always prefers Banana Splits. – Although she never splits with anyone. Haha. Banana Split – Php 270. It comes with three scoops of Icecream with almonds and chocolate syrup.


My sister chose the Waffle Sundae – Php 175. Its a scoop of Icecream on top of a newly baked waffle with chocolate fudge and almonds.


I, on the other hand fell for their Hot Fudge Super Sundae – php 180. Its a two scoops sundae with almonds and hot fudge drizzled over it. I then asked the waiter to add slices of banana for an additional Php 25.00

I am definitely coming back!

Swensen is at the Mall of Asia.

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