THOUGHT: Things I am envious of.

All of my friends know how strict my parents are. They tell me that it is only my safety that they are after, blah blah. It’s not me they don’t trust but the people around me.

Full of crap. I know!

In this context, there are a lot of things other children was able to do, that I wasn’t allowed to or was never given the chance to or things I was jealous of:

  1. Christmas Caroling around the neighborhood
  2. Trick or treating
  3. Play station
  4. Typical loitering at the sidewalks at night
  5. Riding a bike
  6. Rollerblades and Skate board
  7. Skip the schoolbus
  8. Be friendly with the boys
  9. Wear shorts
  10. Go out of town
  11. Color my hair
  12. Have a tattoo
  13. Additional earrings

But life is about breaking the rules and breaking the rules almost always equates to living the life. So, yes I’ve played playstation during a school night, loitered at night everywhere since High school, always skip the bus until my mom cut the contract already, had some barkada of boys already, wear shorts when I want, go out of town with my parent’s permission sometimes, colored my hair when I was in college without my mom knowing and a lot of other things I’m sure they won’t be happy about.

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