THOUGHTS: Love Letter (June 2013)

What a year it has been for us! You have filled almost two years of my life with so much pain and heartaches but most of all, happiness for coming into my life. We are the definition of love & therefore it includes both the good times and the bad.

There were shorter than 12-hour breakups, misunderstandings and non-sense fights. There were rants and moments of isolation. There were tears and meeting the parents – scene, career meltdowns, beating me in badminton, movie releases and dining out. We’ve come a long way down a strange and sweet road since then.

It warms my heart to look back and see how much storms and stresses we have endured together.

We must never forget the countless nights and days I’ve cried myself to sleep because of work and wondering what got me through them? I pulled my strength from you. You have been so wonderful, my Jude, all throughout those dark and lonely times. When I needed love, understanding and encouragement, you brought it to me.

There is pride and also gratitude when you call me yours. There is pride that, yes. You picked me out of the thousand other prettier and smarter people than I. And yet, you picked me above all my flaws and imperfections. And for that, I am grateful more than I can show you.

I love you beyond the classic hit song and the greatest poem that which I cannot write.

I would live in an abyss, a desert and a world full of darkness if I ever lost you, a colorless and meaningless existence. So bid me farewell, never for I will do anything to never lose your heart and even chase you in all the ends of the world for your love.

There’s nothing in the world that I want but you – your attention, love, companion and loyalty. But most of all, your precious and most endearing love.

In every beautiful place, I wish you were there. Never leave my side, I plead.

I can’t help loving you more than what it is good for me. So please hurt me never intentionally. And treat my heart with care.

I miss you, always. And just imagine the ache of it all when you don’t see me or when we part and I don’t see you for days nor even touch your hand or stroke you hair or kiss your sweet lips. Just imagine the burden you’re causing me when you leave me.

I’m handing you my heart and everything you’ve claimed there. There is not one smallest part that you have not possessed and you have the absolute power over it.

We continue to grow in love and passion for each other; I hope and continue to learn from each other.

My love and my reverence for you grow each and every day.

I love you my first and last.

I love you my dearest liebster.

I love you fiancé and the to-be father of my kids.

I love you my love, my life, my all.

Happy 1 year and 1 month.

Forever to go.

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