THOUGHTS: 14 things you want your mom to tell you.

1. Oh honey, You don’t need make-up. You are gorgeous. – well, all mothers tell that.

2. Sweetie, here’s Php 100,000. Spend it as you wish.

3. Go out. Have fun. You’re young.

4. Kevin, here’s Php 2,000. Buy your girl some flowers.

5. Here’s 2 tickets to paris. Accommodation is booked. Bring your gf and go for a vacation.

6. Son, Let’s drink.

7. I know you will excel in whatever field you choose. I will support you.

8. Baby, come down the stair. Johnny Depp is waitin for you.

9. You want an icecream to go with that brownies? I’ll get you some.

10. Here’s a key to the condo. Use it whenever you like.

11. I love her. She will be the perfect wife for you.

12. Johnny, here’s your graduation present. – a key to the car.

13. Jan, we’r going to bohol next week, then Bali next then Bora, then france, greece, africa and wherever you wish.

14. I paid for you gym for the whole year.

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