THOUGHTS: Some pointers for Marriage.

I think it’s the idea of being married that makes people tend to slack of with the mindset, ‘Yes, I’m married. No matter how I act, she’s my wife / he’s my husband, so he won’t leave me.’ or he won’t leave me, we’re married’. What’s the result?

  1. Things get routinary.
  2. No more small surprises.
  3. Women wear baggy pants all he time.
  4. Men fart really loud in front of the dining table.
  5. Kiss don’t last more than a minute.
  6. They don’t cuddle after waking up.
  7. No time for sex. It’s about the kids.
  8. They don’t go on dates anymore.
  9. Women scatter their shoes at the end of the stairs.
  10. Men leave their dirty clothes on the floor.
  11. Women leave their hair on the shower drainage.
  12. Men leave the toilet seat up.
  13. Women neglect the noise from their blow dryer.
  14. Couples shout at each other.
  15. Couples tend to focus at each other’s faults.
  16. Men start to look at younger, sexier women.
  17. Women nag their man about everything.
  18. Men spend their waking hours at the office.
  19. Women crown every corner of their husband’s life.
  20. Men hide their things and messages.

Girls, don’t nag. You, yourselves get irritated when your mom tries to nag you when you were a kid. So why do it now? And no, being married doesn’t mean you stop fixing yourself. It only means that you have to be made up for your husband and not for everybody else. It is for your own sake. If you don’t want your husband to hunt like wolves for younger women, then for godsakes, do your hair, put some lipstick on, dress nicely and sexy. It doesn’t have to be everyday but continue to take care of your look and body. It’s obvious that you clog the shower, it’s your hair – so pick it up and throw it in the trash.

Boys, we love you. You know that. But do not ever fart in front of our faces out of habit and not saying excuse me. Mind your manners, still. Surprise us. We’re not asking for fireworks all the time. Visit us at our office or at the doorstep of our house with just a handwritten letters – that would be enough. And yes, we want letters – may it be a simple hi, we want those. A simple text would do. And for god sakes, at least let us know where the fuck you are and who you’re with. And sometimes, please do understand that taking care of the kids the whole day will take every cell of your wife’s body and dump it in the trash so when you ask for sex, empathize please. Cuddle. Hold us in bed, spoon us.

Communicate. Be loyal. Love and cherish each other. Simple but difficult to execute. Both of you will have to work on your commitment to each other.

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