To Be Happy Or Great? That’s The Question

Thought Catalog

One of the characters in ABC’s Scandal, Cyrus, once said in one episode, “Some people are not meant to be happy. They are meant to be great.” It’s not the first time I had heard something alluding that happiness and greatness are mutually exclusive. Oftentimes, I wonder if it is true. When we think of heroes, creators, legendary people, one can only imagine the amount of personal sacrifice it takes to truly do something extraordinary. And I have often wondered if part of this personal sacrifice is happiness.

I think that people who do the greatest things on earth often have to face the greatest tribulations. The road to greatness seems like a road filled with disappointments and anguish and more failures than victories. And I don’t think many people are willing to travel that road. It is understandable; our humanity is often one that seeks pleasure and avoids…

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