THOUGHTS: To those who are about to get married.

So who here thinks that marriage is a one big lifetime prison? Why do people, particularly men think it is so? That they have this sexual fantasy that they need to do first before committing to a person forever? – Which in some cases, after completing this said bucket list, cannot even contain their libido inside their marriage? And why do this bucket list, most often than not, involves sexual act? And what does it actually say about us, are we that sexually inclined or are we sexually deprived?

Why can’t it be – ‘Yes, I’m going to live a happily married life with the person that I love!’ or, I’m going to enter this married life with so much anticipation of all the experiences I’m going to have with my fiancé.

So what are in this so-called bucket list?

Threesome is always present. – How can you truly say that you only desire your fiancé when you’re suggesting a threesome, asshole? Doing it with a black guy or in a public place? Doing it with a celebrity, Doing it with your All time High-school or College crush, on top of the office table or inside the car.

Is it just to satisfy our ego? or does everyone has to know that you’ve been with a hundred men or women before committing? or is it more of a self assurance that, ‘yes, I still have it with women – I can still do it because I’m desirable.”

Whatever the reason behind it, I sure as hell don’t have a bucket list ever – or yet. And I wonder whether my partner has one. – And if he says, he doesn’t have one, then we all know it’s a lie. Or rather, I should ask what’s in it – so we can try it. Haha. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to finish off your partner’s bucket list, right?

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