THOUGHTS: Other ways to say I love you.

I love you has been said way too many times. Sometimes, it loses its meaning and depth. It has been too common. So I listed some ways on how to show your partner that you love them without having to spell it out for them. Or if you are one of those shy people who couldn’t say it.

Hold her hair

When vomiting. It may be too eeky but it is one of the surest way of showing them you love them. Taking care of them even at their ugliest and eekiest state.

Save him the last slice of pizza

May it be pizza or the last chicken wing or even the last piece of your favorite chocolate cake, give it to him.

Have some small private conversations with her

When you are with your friends so she won’t feel left out. Make her laugh so she doesn’t feel awkward.

Massage his feet

After a long hard day, put his feet up on your lap and give him a long soothing foot massage

Wipe her mouth

When there’s a spoonful worth of spaghetti sauce on her lips then kiss her.

Compliment him

Notice his new haircut, his growing biceps and tell him that he looks handsome. Guys will never admit that they like being told that they look good.

Drive her to her seminar

Even if it means you have to wake up three hours before your usual time. She has work on a Saturday. Drive her at least and sleep afterwards.

Prepare his clothes for the next day

Choose his pants, shirt, underwear, socks and shoes. Place it beside his bed so he can see it when he wakes up

Offer to pluck her underarm

Disgusting as other would see it. The most intimate and hidden area of every woman’s body. Save her the dizziness of plucking her own. This should be hilarious.

Hand him his baon

Wake up really early, cook breakfast and prepare his lunch with love.

Keep her secrets.

It’s hard enough to tell you her deepest dark secrets so don’t throw away her trust.

And when all else fails, unfriend your ex, kiss her lovingly, strip naked for him, and man, drive each other wild in bed. How’s that sound?

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