We're Official.

Love is now my boyfriend. :)) I want to do another post about how he asked me but I just can’t wait. 🙂 HiHI.
May 16 last year was the day I first told him that his ways of pursuing me became fruitful. – my first I love you. :)) And it has been a year since then.
I really thought this day was going to be hell. because I wanted to celebrate this day with him but I know that he has this coding issue and we had an area mtg too. :/ I felt really, really bad. But he reallu surprised me. :))
He told me to go out of the house and when his car passed by, there was a huge lettering – the perfect lettering I have ever seen. :)) and it says, ‘Will you be my girl?”. 🙂 The sweetest way – I was surprised. And ofcourse, – Yes. A hundred times Yes love,:)) He went down the car and handed me a bouquet of unique lovely orange flowers.

I love you sweetie. He also gave me a temporary engagement ring. hihi. And I am proudly wearing it now. :)) Plus a small notebook for me to write all our plans.

You are perfect sweetie. Thank you for making this day extra memorable. I am forever yours now. Officially. You know I am.
Inevitably falling for you over and over again.
May 16, 2013. – I love you, my now, boyfriend.
My VIP. MY love, My life, My all.

We’re Official.

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