Mother’s Day with the most important woman to me. :)

Starting Mother’s Day by playing with my baby chili! :)) Image

And look how cute chili is in here.


Especially when she toss and turn and adoringly scratch her face with her cute paws.


We went to mass at Paco Church. It’s the feast of St.Pancratius today and it is also where my parents got married. It is pretty. :)) And pre-nup worthy!


And had lunch at Emerald Garden! :))








YUMMY. Cold Cuts as starter and a big bowl of seafood spinach. Veggies, squid and the very delicious steamed lapu-lapu. And after a very fulfilling lunch, we had sweets to carve off the lunch.



Spottydog as they call it. Vanilla Icecream with chocolate chips. :)) and then, Yay! Shopping with ze celebrity for today!




And we found Charlie! :)) Pretty finds and not so expensive. I want pretty dresses. Cotton on – Gaah. Everything.



And an afternoon swim. :)) Too bad I had my period. I would love some cold water above my head. I want to bring j1 and my love here and swim. Hmmm. Schedule! 🙂



Watching Batman for the nth time with the whole family. It is the only DVD left at the condo.



My mom and her presents!.:)



I love you, Mama! Happy Mother’s Day! :))

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