THOUGHTS: How to piss me off.

  1. Going over my things & being all snoopy.
  2. Flirting with my man.
  3. Overly boastful – I didn’t even ask you how many cars you have.
  4. Teasing – especially when we’re not close.
  5. Stare at me.
  6. Wearing the same stuff as i do – I don’t care if it’s a coincidence.Just don’t.
  7. Talking way too loudly
  8. Pretending to be refined and gentle.
  9. When you’re all too pa-cute.
  10. Trying to ignore a compliment when it’s obvious that you’re waiting for the next, ‘you’re pretty’.
  11. Correcting other people’s mistakes in public. – Never lift yourself up by pointing other people’s mistakes.
  12. Know-it-all
  13. Kiss ass people
  14. Keeping secrets and talking about it with other people in front of me. – How rude and disrespectful.
  15. Liars
  16. Lazy people who aren’t doing their job.
  17. Acting like you’re one of the cool kids.
  18. People who explicitly say ”I’ve partied all night”, ”I drank a whole bottle of JD”. – We didn’t ask. So don’t brag. We don’t care.
  19. Wearing the perfect slip-on and suddenly raining.
  20. Making me walk under the sun.

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