God Listens.

As we grow old, our body goes through changes and with that comes diseases and illnesses. But with proper medication and check ups, things can be prevented.
At my mom’s recent checkup, we encountered a meningioma and we immediately looked it up and it says tumor. & So we prayed more than we used to. I prayed that my mom will be granted good health as well as my family, my love and the rest of the people that I love plus long life.
We scheduled an appointment with her neurologist.
So yeah, after unceasingly praying for good news, God gave us what we prayed for thru her neurologist. πŸ™‚
To everyone who will ever encounter the meningioma, Do NOT panic. This is what her doctor told us. Meningiomas are first and foremost – NONMALIGNANT, meaning it causes no danger to our health. It is not inside the brain but it is only situated in the covering or a protective layer of the brain. Think of it this way, motorists wear helmets. and meningiomas are only on top of the helmet – covering the brain. On top of that, the doctor told us that it is a very slow growing tumor. She even told us that patients who have these probably started when they were a child and was only noticed to date around 40 to 50 years later because of its slow growth.
Thank you, lord. :)) If we only pray irreverently, he listens. πŸ™‚

God Listens.

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