EAT Kapitolyo Joe’s Meatshack : Kapitolyo

If you’ve read my previous posts, I’m in a project to taste all the restaurants in the small booming Kapitolyo in Pasig.

We were actually about to dine at Thai Dara to finish what we’ve started. Although we didn’t feel like it. So we tried Joe’s Meatshack just beside Milky and Sunny. They are in their Soft Opening Stage.


Haha. Scary in a way. A Hannibal feel to it.


If you like to smoke, they have high bar type chairs you can sit on outside.


And this is how it looks like inside. Bar Stools in the middle and a sofa on the left, a counter in the middle and a blackboard of all their menus.


this is the menu.





my love and I waiting for our order.:)



My order : Fish and Chips



Love’s order : Crunchy Chicken Burger.


And our very delicious Cookie Icecream Sandwich! W e weren’t able to finish it because we were already full.





Desserts are love. :)) Employees were friendly and accommodating.



Until our next Kapitolyo visit! :))) Visit them! Just beside milky and sunny. Prices are also good! 🙂

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