THOUGHTS: Life’s Simple Joys

  1. That secret pocket money

It’s prolly in a bag that you haven’t used for quite some time or the pocket of your back jeans. You find a Php 100 bill that is just waiting there to save your day.

  1. Waking up early morning

Realizing that you can go back to your sleep and continue where you left off in your dream because it’s a holiday.

  1. When you don’t have enough money

And your boss suddenly invites you for lunch – this definitely screams free lunch. And a goofy smile runs down your cheeks.

  1. Opening your front door

And your dog suddenly jumps at you. It’s 4 a.m. and your dog is still waiting for you to come home.

  1. The smell

Of bacon when you wake up will lift you up into the heavens. No matter how much of a grumpy riser you are.

  1. Going home from work

And seeing a plate of your favorite spaghetti or chicken pastel that your loving mom cooked for you.

  1. Getting 98-100

In a Karaoke score. Even though you’re not hitting the right notes.

  1. Running late for class or work

Sweat running down your forehead and catching a shuttle or bus and having the windows of the aircon all to yourself.

  1. Drinking the whole night

And going to school without your assignment, getting to class and the president announced that the professor was absent.

  1. Being able to smile

At randomly small things, appreciating what you have and the people around you.

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