THOUGHTS: Why is infidelity common?

So why do males, more often than not, allow their penis to make the decisions for them? Why do males – husbands, boyfriends or unofficial someone cheat?

Is it the heat? Oh come on. You can throw your clothes off or leave it on the floor and let your genitals hang. You don’t need another body heat. Besides, it will only cause you to perspire more.

Or, is it at that moment, your penis needed some action and your wife is not around? Why not do it on your own? Use your hand. You even have two. You don’t need another set of new hands to satisfy your cravings. That’s what you have been using before you even have a girlfriend. You need something to get you going? Imagine. Picture your wife. Use your brain, not your balls.


You find someone particularly hot and sexy? So what. You have a sexy, beautiful and intelligent wife waiting for you at home, who even prepared your favorite meal for you.

You just want to have sex? But God. You have a wife/girlfriend. So why not just make love to her like you’re supposed to. Last time I checked, it was allowed. You don’t need a new person in the equation.

You don’t find your partner, sexually attractive? So why enter a committed relationship in the first place.


Is it the thrill? Excuses. If you love your girlfriend, do it with them. Do it in a public place, try it in the wildest position you can imagine, do role plays or experiment with sex toys . . JUST DON’T DO IT WITH SOMEONE ELSE.

Whatever you do, whatever reason you may have, just think about it first. Would you want your wife/girlfriend sleeping with someone else?

At least have the manners to break it off first or end the marriage before doing such act. Or the decency to save your soul before it is caught on fire.

P.S. No, my someone didn’t cheat on me. I’m in a loving relationship.

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