EVERYDAY: Family Movie

The reason why I always drag Jude with me when there’s something I want to try is because, not only do I want to experience it with him, but also because my parents are always lazy to go somewhere. They always have some errand to do or there’s always something that needs to be fixed at our house.

Hence, Watching a movie is out of the question.

BUT, last weekend, when my mom learned that my dad watched a movie without even inviting anyone of us, she was so eager to watch a movie – for revenge sakes. Haha.

Anyway, We decided to grab a bite at ATC. Food was awful so don’t ask me to remember the name where we ate. All I can remember is it was near Sperry and 1 floor above Payless. It was a Ramen type of food – not a fan but always willing to try. After which, We had our usual grocery at Makati Supermart, went home and gone out again.

We finally had an agreement: We’re going to watch Olympus has fallen.


The movie was G-O-O-D. I never liked movies with too much action and killing. But this one’s good.But I wonder, would the tactics and strategies of USA be exposed? I know that it’s only a movie. But real terrorists would at least get an idea from the movie right?

Anyway, Until our next one!

Yup, it will take long before this happens again.

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