EAT Mandaluyong: Chef Laudico. Guevarra’s. : A happy tummy in a lovely place

Yayyy! Since I’m always the one who is suggesting on where to eat and what to do, It’s a breather when he said that it was a surprise! :))

Originally, he thought of Frazzled Cook – i’ve always wanted to try this. Or he says it’s a buffet. BUT, i never really thought of Frazzled cook’s menu as inviting so I guess he chose to bring me to Guevarra’s. :))

Guevarra’s just opened last March 5 and is currently on its soft opening though the place gets filled up so fast. Actually, a lot of the tables are reserved already by the time we got there so, if ever you want to try this restaurant out, I suggest you reserve one too.

The place was hidden in a village in San Juan. The street was even so quiet but when we got to their drive way, the house is a view on its own. It looks like a big old house in white and a very good lighting.


Sorry. My picture doesn’t give justice to the place. When we got in, the host was asking us for reservation, but we don’t have one. And here is b, waiting for our seat. A huge comfy sofa is waiting for us and a big TV on the other side though it wasn’t turned on. Image

The place was very well lit, walls are in a decent white paint and is adorned with large pieces of old pictures. It’s the kind of place where you pictured Crisostomo Ibarra and everyone else having lunch with the Kapitan. The tinolang manok incident? There were a lot of servers running around and I must say, they are pretty attentive. Servers are friendly and though there were a lot of people already, the noise doesn’t drown out your companion’s stories and what not.


And our table was just in front of the buffet table! Hooray!


Okay, so don’t trust me on the names of the food. But as I recalled it, there were enchiladas – you’re supposed to make one yourself. Dumplings – which is good. They had sisig baskets inside a shot glass. Calamari – which is not crispy at all. Chicken Adobo, Pork in pineapple something – which is so delicious. chili prawns – which you can peel off using fork because it was that easy. Sinampalukang Tanigue – Yummy. Roast Beef – another prize for the tongue. Lechon, grilled squid, etc. If you want to see some of their food,


Overall, it was a lovely and filled dinner. Look at us with our belly and mouth on a rollercoaster of delicious food.


And i couldn’t take a nice picture of the outdoor area, but here. they had a romantic vibe outside with wooden chairs under a Christmas decorated trees. I actually wanted to spend time with him under the lights but he was too busy roaming around so I just followed him.


It is a beautiful place, indeed.


It was a glorious evening. Congratulations to a very successful opening for Chef Laudico!

We will visit again. :)))


Guevarra’s is at 387 P. Guevarra St., San Juan

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