Last Week of her 16 years stay.

It started out when CIMB entered into the picture. Policies were changed, officers got even stricter – either out of fear or for show. 

Last February, there has been an announcement that employees who has been in the same branch for more than 3 years will be cross posted to the other branches. And so, the issues started. Our GAB was cross posted already for two months. Just before all this hullabaloo blasted. So it is either our teller or new accounts. Blah, blah, blah. In short, Our teller will be transfered to pasong tamo extension which is – FAR from her place, as she lives in rizal. 

Anyway, we have this dinner despedida for her. 🙂 


We had a shabu-shabu dinner at Thousand Cranes


We will miss you, Ms. Son!



See you on your next visit! :)) This cross posting maybe the start of bigger and brighter things for you! Do your best in everything. See you!. 

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