And he says, it’s his wife. :)

I just find this inspiring after reading this in the newspaper and would like to share this with you. Image

Chief Executive Officer at 62. 

He is leading one of the Top 3 Overall Private Banks and Best Domestic Private Bank in Singapore. 

CEO of Bank of Singapore. 

One of the Most Influential in the field of Banking in Southeast Asia.

He also received an ING Leadership award for having shaped Bank of Singapore. 

He was also the country Manager of ING Manila back in the days. 


He finished Bachelor of Science in Management Engineering at Ateneo De Manila University.

He also has a Masters Degree in Business Administration with distinction at Katholieke University in Belgium. 

Another Masters Degree in Management from McGrill University in Canada. 



Under his Leadership, The bank received and was titled;

Most Outstanding Bank in Asia Pacific by Private Banker International

Best Private Bank in Singapore by Finance Asia

Best Private Bank for Relationship Management and Range of Investment Products, Both by Euromoney

Best Private Wealth Management Bank in Southeast Asia and Singapore by Alpha South East Asia


And when asked what his secret was? 

“To have a wife who will keep the family together, I think that’s very important.” A wife who understands the demands of the job. 

In 10 years time, I will be reading the newspaper with my love’s name on it. 🙂 Top Banker or Top Lawyer, He will surely go places like Renato. 🙂 



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