The Whatever Lunch

I have been increasingly feeling lazy every time we plan something ( Well, much more so with my HS Loves). Just as this day. We planned to have lunch at Greenbelt. It was the idea of Pam. which I appreciated since she was not late. I was, but only a 5 minute gap from the time we had agreed to meet. However, two of our blockmates, had other things planned out. Nicole had an interview with an airline to become an FA. As you may have guessed with her bundled hair. 🙂 But too bad, she was not accepted. Good thing though, she brought alcina with her. I was delighted to see Alcina. Although I would have liked for the four of us to talk just like we used to. In this case, We cannot. Because Nicole brought with her two additional bodies — her cousin and her aunt. Wow right? Talk about a chaperone? Geez. It is because she cannot take care of her child on her own. Gaah. And we waited for about an hour and a half just to discovered that they have eaten already. Shitty saturday.

It was compensated though with my Date that night with my lovey for the Pelikulas ; Dos Hermanos and Another one.

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