Farewell, Ms, Babes.


This was taken (God knows when) I don’t remember. All I can remember was that this was Ms. Babes last day at our branch. She is the short but happy looking face beside me, wearing her cheerful rainbow top. Admittedly, during the first time that it was announced that she will be placed at our branch for a month, each of us had a negative, okay. negative is too strong. We had an unwelcoming attitude because of all the rumors that we have heard. But, I, as a new member of the branch a few months back, I owe it to her to be friendly and nice. Just as how I would have liked it for them to act when I was still new at the branch. Nonetheless, she proved all of us wrong. She greeted us with all smiles, a genuine smile and not a trace of awkwardness. She amicably engaged in conversations and laughed with us. She is a good natured person – except that, there wasn’t a day when she was on time. Haha.

See you at the Area Christmas Party Ms. Babes.

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