THIS. <3

someone that will catch me when i trip, but then set me down gently so he can laugh hysterically at my clumsy ass. someone that will poke me in the side when I’m faking a smile in public so that I know he’s there. Someone that will stand up for me unconditionally, even to people he doesn’t know. Someone that will return all my affection and ask for more. someone that can joke around with my family and hold me in front of them but knows when to and when to not. someone that will pick me up in his car and blindold me and take me to a beautiful place without warning. i want someone that will hold me down and kiss all the parts of me that im embarrased about just to show me i have nothing to hide. when i cry he should want to change the world just so it doesnt hurt me anymore. but i want him to tease me when im crying over something stupid. i want a guy to pick me up and carry me around, and spin me around until i cant breathe because im giggling like an idiot. i want a partner and a lover 🙂

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