Lord, Why me?

My mom, who knows me pretty well handed me two books last Sunday. 🙂 It was given to her by her two previous subordinates when she was still with Pepsi. They were both at the PMAP Convention last week in Cebu. She was asked to present an award. – Hihi. I adore her. 🙂 Okay,the  two books were The big lies and Life’s big lessons both by Ernie Cecilia – A filipino.

Currently, I’m reading the latter which I think the tagline of the book, ‘Learn to do what you love and love what you do’ best encapsulates what I would like myself to think and feel for the past few weeks.

So I’m going to share with you the first page. Wherein it states;

It seems as if people always expect sunshine and roses, not rain or thorns. Some people have the wrong notion that this world was created for their own convenience. Remember that God has no obligation to single you out from among the billions of people on earth to exempt you from an untoward incident. When bad things happen to you, react with composure, understand why such a thing happened, do something about it, and live on. 

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